Information and policies for hiring out Broadcast:

Hire Fee: Fee is fixed as below unless otherwise clearly agreed with a member of Broadcast management.

Mon £50 Hire + £15 PRS – Waived on 50%+ Attendance – £65 TOTAL

Tue £50 Hire + £15 PRS – Waived on 50%+ Attendance – £65 TOTAL

Wed £50 Hire + £15 PRS – Waived on 50%+ Attendance – £65 TOTAL

Thur £50 Hire + £15 PRS – £65 TOTAL

Fri £70 Hire + £15 PRS – £85 TOTAL

Sat £70 Hire + £15 PRS – £85 TOTAL

Sun £50 Hire + £15 PRS – Waived on 50%+ Attendance – £65 TOTAL

Your hire fee includes use of our in house engineer. It is advisable that you forward any tech specs about your show to engineer@broadcastglasgow.com when possible.

Hire waive policy:

We are happy to be able to offer free hire for strong attendances on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday night hires. To qualify for this the show much reach an attendance threshold of 50% of its total capacity. Roughly 75 people. Please note: this is determined by our staff on hand at the venue, and NOT by the promoter/hiree.


We do not require a deposit unless stated, but we reserve the right to ask for one in situations where we feel that it is required.

Cancelation Policy:

A cancelation fee is required if a show is cancelled at 28 days or less for a weekend, or 14 days or less for a weeknight.


It’s possible for us to allocate an online allocation of tickets for your show, these are usually etickets that are collected at the box office, although occasionally we can do physical tickets as well*. If you wish to do this please make this clear when confirming the show.* For physical tickets there is a 15P charge per ticket and an additional charge for postage.


There is no instrumental backline available at the venue, bands should source their own gear.


Our staff will show you where you can set merchandise up, this is the ONLY area you can sell merch. Absolutely no adhesive tape must be used on any wall, in the case of any damage caused by this, the promoter/hiree WILL be recharged a £10 reinstatement charge per instance.

Important additional information!

Please beware that we are only able to offer the above rates through subsidising the show costs through bar income.

Any after-show or direct related event on the same day as your hire will need to be approved via us in advance for the above quoted fees to apply.

If you wish to do this without our approval then we will need to charge full venue hire cost at a rate of £300. This will be discounted by £25 for each £100 of bar income that the event generates.

Additional technical information:

Sellable Venue Capacity: 160 + Guests

Suggested Time Schedule:

16:00 Load In

17:00 Soundcheck

19:30 Doors

20:00 Support 1

20:45 Support 2

21:45 Headline

or if 10.15 curfew applies (we will advise when confirming)

16:00 Load In

17:00 Soundcheck

19:00 Doors

19:30 Support 1

20:15 Support 2

21:15 Headline

Parking: No direct parking at venue, nearby metered spaces available

Load: Load in access to back door via Sauchiehall lane. Down one flight of stairs direct to the back of the stage.

Stage Dimension: 4.5m (w) x 4m (d) – With an additional 2m x 2m wing

WIFI: Available throughout building, please ask staff for password on the night, as this can change.

Please be aware that when hiring the venue you are responsible for its well being on the night.

Please take care in when using any in house equipment, as you will be liable to any damaged caused on the night.



2x d&b C6 Mid-Tops

1x d&b P1200 Amp C6

2x d&b C4 Subs

1x d&b P1200 Amp C4

2x d&b E0 Delay speakers

1x d&b D6 Delay Amplifier


1x 32 Send 8 Return multi on VDM


1x 32 in 8 out stagebox.

Fully patchable Ch1-16

2x 8 Way sub boxes

FOH Desk:

1x Midas Venice F32.

24 Mic in, 4 Stereo in, 6x Aux, 4x Mix


7×2 Matrix, Talkback in and stereo

playback in.

FOH Dynamics:

6x Ch. DBX 266XL Compressor

4x Ch. Drawmer 201 gate

2x Ch. XTA GQ600 Graphic FOH

1x TC Electronics M1 Xl

1x TC Electronics D2 tap delay

Monitor System:

4x Logic Systems CM15. 15’ Low and 1’


2x QSC Monitor amps

1x Powered Cerwin Vega Drum Sub

4x Ch. BSS 966 Graphics

Monitor Graphics:

2 BSS 966 Opals


5x Shure 58s

4x Shure 57s

3x Sennheiser e604

2x Shure B57a

2x Audio Technica AT450 Condensers

1x Shure Beta 58a

1x Shure Beta 52a

Mic Stands:

7 Tall boom stands

6 Small stands

1 Kick Stand

3x Z bars

DJ Equipment:

2x CDJ 1000 Mk3

2x Technics 1210’s

Pioneer DJM 700


4x 4 Way 13A stage drops

Additional Requirements:

We can source backline and anything else you need for your show with advance notice. Anything not listed above would be a show cost