Pizzagirl + Community Swimming Pool + Everyday Pharaohs

Revive Live: Pizzagirl
+ Community Swimming Pool + Everyday Pharaohs
Monday 13th September 2021
Broadcast, Glasgow
AGE 18+
Tickets available here:…/pizzagirl-broadcast…/…
Music Venue Trust & The National Lottery = The Revive Live ToursBuy a ticket to this show and bring a friend for free! We’ve all missed music and mates over the last year. Now is the time to #ComeTogether to #ReviveLive music.
The free ticket holder must just need to demonstrate you’re a National Lottery player by showing either a physical ticket or one on the app at the door. This could be a weekly draw ticket or a scratch card and they must be over 18 to purchase and hold a National Lottery product. The original ticket holder must adhere to the age restrictions of the venue