Artist of the Week: Codist

Having made their grand return last week after some time away, Codist are back with the first offering of their second album “A Dream Is Just A Big Thought” due for release in January 2021, and we can’t get enough!

Nearly five years on from their debut “Nuclear Family ” the Glasgow four-piece have rid any angst-driven stylings that once trademarked their sound on the new track “Carrying the Milk Around”. This has been replaced instead with infectiously catchy melodies and meaty guitar parts evolving into a brighter version of a once very grunge heavy sound, while still keeping hold of the lyrical sincerity which makes them so endearing! 

The latest single paves the way for a promising new era for one of the city’s most underrated bands! For further listening, this quartet are filled to the brim with side projects deserving of extra attention:

Sun Starer –
Broad-Shouldered Boy –