Julie’s Haircut + The Kundalini Genie & Velvet Bomb

PCL Presents
+ The Kundalini Genie
+ Velvetbomb
Tuesday October 1st
Broadcast, Glasgow
18+ Only
Ticket available Via See Tickets or Tickets Scotland

Active since the late nineties, Julie’s Haircut is a band from Emilia, northern Italy, devoted to spacey, hypnotic sounds. The band’s music has evolved in time from the garage-rock soulful energy of their debut towards more experimental grounds, focusing on improv and sound research, without losing touch with the groove and melody that characterized their music since day one. They have been making music with Damo Suzuki, Sonic Boom, Philip Corner, Valerio Cosi and more. Their new album “Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin” is released 17 february 2017 by Rocket Recordings.