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Laura Stevenson shares “Value Inn,” new LP “The Big Freeze” out 3/29

Today, Laura Stevenson shares “Value Inn,” the second single from her forthcoming LP The Big Freeze, which will arrive March 29th via Don Giovanni Records. It finds the New York-based songwriter examining dark personal territory in unflinching detail.

“The song is about going somewhere deliberately to disappear and to harm yourself,” says Stevenson. “And in that isolated place, the loneliness is so extreme that the world feels completely empty, and you are the only one who can pull yourself back out.”

Recorded in her childhood home during the dead of winter, The Big Freezerepresents a pivotal step for Stevenson. For the first time on record, Stevenson’s voice and guitar are in clear focus. It is a natural aesthetic choice for the musician, who has often toured as a solo act and who pulls influence from the great American songbook, and a choice that plays to the core strength and organic beauty of her writing. And though it is easily the darkest and most emotionally-devastating album of Stevenson’s career, it is also without a doubt her most powerful.

The Big Freeze comes out at the end of March, and it heralds a return to Stevenson’s more finely detailed, wrenchingly intimate songwriting. The title refers to an eventual freezing of the universe— which makes sense, given that she recorded it in the dead of winter — as well as to the ways relationships strain against emotional and physical distance.

— NPR on “Living Room, NY”

While song is filled with the inherent melancholy of long-distance relationships, it boasts some of the most compelling harmonies of Stevenson’s career so far and is as cozy as curling up with a loved one during a polar vortex.

— Noisey on “Living Room, NY”

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