Celtic Connections Mi Mye + Kapil Seshasayee

PCL Presents
Celtic Connections
+ Kapil Seshasayee
Sunday, 27 January
Broadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm
Tickets available via See Tickets and Tickets Scotland

Wakefield / Leeds quintet Mi Mye will release new single ‘That Night in Thurso’ taken from their new album ‘The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force causes the Rain” on the 2nd of November.
Centered around Highlands-born, and Wakefield-based songwriter Jamie Lockhart, Mi Mye are a close-knit group of five musicians (Emily, Chad, Morgan, Jamie & Rob) scattered across Leeds and Wakefield as well as various bands and musical projects including Crake, The Spills, Buen Chico and others. The quintet recently released their fifth record ‘The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force causes the Rain’ on their own label Coble Records, the next step in a journey that has seen the band build a dedicated following over the release of five records and along the way becoming critical darlings. Their tender, hopeful and beautiful music finding support and fans across BBC 6 Music, The Line of Best Fit, Gold Flake Paint, Clash Magazine, BBC Introducing, The 405, Drowned In Sound and many others. Their recently released new album ‘The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force causes the Rain’ takes its name and theme from two mountains very close to where Jamie grew up in Skerray in the Highlands of Scotland, ‘Ben Loyal’ and ‘Ben Hope’. One day while observing these, Jamie started to think about the overwhelming powers that shape how a person develops, being loyal to what your loved ones believe and the realities of having and holding hopes and dreams. New single ‘That Night in Thurso’ is a beautiful rumination on the idea of being an ‘incomer’ and what it means to make somewhere your home. Jamie explains, “Now I live in Wakefield I am considered to be Scottish, but when I grew up in Scotland I was considered to be the last-born son of an incomer, and I romanticised the idea of moving somewhere where I was not that and could belong. But now I'm in Wakefield I romanticise the coast and the environment that I came from. So, in my mid to late 30s I spend a lot of time thinking about being somewhere else, or dreaming of something I've done before, but meanwhile I’m ignoring things I could do to make this place better now. Or we are all ignoring it and deciding it’s not our time or place or problem, and all sit with our backs to it..”
Mi Mye will also be hosting one of their customary and much-loved Christmas parties in Wakefield on the 15 th of December at the ‘7A Project Space’ in the city with their Christmas set forming part of Long Division Festival’s launch of ‘Manifesto For A New Wakefield’.
Mi Mye’s new album and tickets for their Christmas special are available now from www.mimye.com Praise for ‘The Mountain Forces The Future, And The Force Causes The Rain:
"Mi Mye offer subtly contemplative, emotive music that grows in stature with each listen. One can only hope that this record is something at least approaching a breakthrough.” – Drowned In Sound ”Mi Mye are able to surge into new areas, incorporating personal and often quite unexpected, experiences. A
mature, nuanced return” – CLASH

“A poignant setting which combines exceptional storytelling and an intricate instrumental, this one is a must
listen” – Narc

“An album that feels like it was made for a simple love of songwriting and feels intimate and important as a result, it’s simply the best Mi Mye record yet” – For The Rabbits

"A fragile voice emoting what it is to be human in both the big and little things” – The Arts Desk