Pacione w/ Jordanne Sidney & Late Nate

Two independent artists with many years tracking down high quality music have fused together to offer a night full of the unexpected. Jordanne having spent most of his career in North America has matured a different approach to the classic cold hitting UK danceclubs, warmth and swinging percussion is his key, influenced by the likes of Lis Sarocca, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Sean Roman, Jake Chambers, Gideon Jackson to name a few, Late Nate on the other hand pulls influences from across the board ranging from the stripped down house sounds coming out of french label Yoyaku to the more industrial side of techno and electro. An example of the wide variety of sounds with his style can be found within his own productions under both LATENATE and MARCUS THERØN. They both are no strangers to working a crowd so lets get sweaty.

“First Thursday of the every month’

£2 entry – student card
£3 entry – non-student