FREE ENTRY: Danse Macabre w/ Sonic Jesus (Live)

The nights go long, the temperature drops, and we need to get our spook on!

Resident cryptkeepers DJs Catnip & Pasta are joined this month by the fantastic DJ Vilkas from Edinburgh’s Shadowplay, bringing his own spin on the reverb-and-distortion sounds we’ll be enjoying with Sonic Jesus. And of course, the night wouldn’t be right without some of our favourite picks of italo-disco and synthpop to keep the night sweet.

We’ll be on from 11, with the bands going 11:30pm-1am, and then we’re back until 4am to get you through the night!


Dress 2 Depress, Man 2 Man, We Would Die 4 U. ?

Sonic Jesus is the project of multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Veronese. Based in Italy and formed in 2012.