Madmoizel (FR), Vixxxionary, Polis

Madmoizel is a French composer, producer and machines-vocalist performer based out of Paris. A classically trained pianist who began playing at six. From punk to queer, from expressionism to dandy-synth, from neo-classical to machine-vocal, MADMOIZEL works with different influences. Known for her captivating and powerful live-act, MADMOIZEL’s lyrical & sliced voice turn her electronic into a drama scene & dancefloor new-wave. The newest album “Play Bizarre” is out now on Belfast’s Tonn Recordings.

A small collective of musicians and DJs active in the Glasgow music scene, including nights such as Shoot Your Shot. Driving electronic dance music fronted by Bonzai Bonner.

With their teeth cut on various flips of the Glasgow synthpop, noise, and avant-garde coins, blast onto the collective consciousness outta nowhere like a cosmic prime mover, combining punishing psychedelic Yamaha synth sequences and fragile Lechitic r&b vocals. They sing lyrics about religion, immigration, butts, abstract art, romance and nonsense. POLIS sound like the ringing in your ears after you’ve tripped up on Byres road, you’re lying on the ground, brain shite gushing out your skull… and there’s a car passing by playing Katy Perry.