Slime City / Everyday Pharaohs / Triptych

Three of your favourite Glasgow rock n roll bands will be playing a FREE SHOW at Broadcast.

Three men called Michael formed in Glasgow, Scotland who play fast, existentialist nerd rock for people who like sighing but also fighting.

Everyday Pharaohs
Three dudes just trying their best. The care free garage-rock vibes of Weezer are evident, along with emotional lyrics playing a huge part in the songwriting. Most importantly, the band seek to have fun with every song and create something that is exciting to see and hear live.

Triptych are a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland that combine elements of indie, classic rock, math rock and alternative rock, influenced by an eclectic range of bands such as the likes of Biffy Clyro, Delta sleep and Nirvana. Their 5 track EP “Stick Around” is out now!