FREE ENTRY The Otherness + Petty Thieves & Black King Cobra Argentinian Rock

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THE OTHERNESS + Petty Thieves & Black King Cobra
Monday 27, August
Broadcast, Glasgow
18+ ONLY
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*The Otherness* are a young rock collective from Comodoro Rivadavia, La Patagonia (Argentina).
Martin, Gonzalo, Agustín and Pablo started to play together by the end of 2009. They’ve toured Europe and Latin America and now they’ve just published their self-titled debut album.

Hailing from La Patagonia, “The Otherness” are aptly named. Why so? In a reversal of the British invasion tradition, where bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles enlightened North America on the bluesy US roots of Rock n Roll, The Otherness tour tirelessly in the UK, bringing their own homespun ‘other’ brand of British and European rock music back to its source with a clear message.

In the few years that they have played together, they have honed a very clear and proficient style of short, sweet and punchy tracks that usually don’t exceed three minutes.

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“Argentina is a country where people really believe in rock n roll. Watching The Otherness live you can see this – they are on the tightrope between The Beatles in Hamburg and the Ramones first album – that purity of vision and they are damned good at it. The Otherness are touring UK with a fantastic feedback from the young rock and roll, pop and soul British audiences all over the country.” (John Robb)

The Otherness debut album
“This album is a beatific celebration of everything that is good about Rock & Roll -unfettered joy, glorious freedom, unself-conscious revelry in the thing you love. ‘The Otherness’ is an album of defiance, of dazzling skill… is the sound of a band creating music that is ten times the sum of its parts. Your heroes may have let you down, but with bands like this emerging, the future is in good hands.” (Reyt Good Magazine)