The Weekly Broadcast

It’s Friday! The weekend is here, so it’s time to relax. Why not stick on the playlist and chill out. 12 new belters ready to be gobbled up. Have a wee read below to see our thoughts on the tracks this week.

Words by Selina Mclean & Callum Fergusson

Russell Stewart – Citrus

Russell Stewart has done it again. The follow up to Midsummer just oozes that jazzy vibe that fans of Russell’s music will be aware of, culminating in a snappy and boppy chorus. All over the track you’ll hear wavy synth and loose drums that very much have the ability to get hips swaying. If we had gigs – this would be one to dance to!

Spyres – I Don’t Care

Spyres are back and what a tune this is. I Don’t Care feels like another step in the right direction for the young Glasgow band, with a more mature feel to this song yet with that familiar catchy chorus. This single has an almost calming presence throughout, yet when the chorus rolls into town you know that the indie rockers have not lost their touch. Spyres have come on leaps and bounds in their first year and it is exciting to see where they go next.

Shame – Water in the Well

Those mighty London post-punks returned this week to deliver the second single from their long-awaited next album “Drunk Tank Pink” due for release in January! Water in the Well explores the self-awareness silence brings when the music stops – no doubt sprung from having to take a break from a rigorous touring schedule the band has undertaken in recent years! We can expect a far more experimental side to their instrumentation, citing the likes of Talking Heads and ESG as inspiration, you can definitely hear that shine through!

Pretty Preachers Club – Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied

If this latest offering from the Glasgow duo is anything to go by we can’t wait to hear the EP also due for release next month! Despite simplistically angelic in composition, their raw wordplay packs quite the punch – can’t wait to hear more!

Codist – Carrying the Milk Around

Whilst Carrying the Milk Around is quite a niche song topic, the song itself from Glasgow rockers Codist hits the spot. This promising first single from a new album coming in January establishes the mood of what is to come, and going off what we have from the album so far it is one to look forward to.

Shygirl – TASTY

Despite only being her second EP, it’s clear Shygirl has a knack for producing cohesive, multidimensional bodies of work, and so much can be said for the range shown in each of these six tracks. Audibly industrial while lyrically empowering is a mix well made. 

Amie Huckstep – Butter Could Melt

Butter could most definitely melt into the warmth of Amie’s vocal, this serene offering from the Glasgow singer/songwriter will ease you into the bleakness of any winter’s day – a truly calming listen. 

MarthaGunn – Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run is a little more laidback than some of the songs found on the Caught Up & Confused EP from earlier in the year. That being said this slower and steady approach from MarthaGunn works well and this song proves that the band have not lost their ability to craft a proper hook.

Bad Nerves – Terminal Boy

Terminal Boy – the new single from Bad Nerves – is an energetic mess and very much akin to the bands other releases, being fast, aggressive and over in a flash. Coming in at just under 2 and a half minutes, you’ll need to play it back a few times just to get your fix of this stormy song.

PVA – Talks

The London three-piece have just released their EP “Toner” and it’s a total binder! Synth-driven groove beats backed by the warming crooning of vocalist Josh makes for a self-assured debut that longs to be enjoyed live!

Julien Baker – A Dreamer’s Holiday

Julien has covered the festive classic as part of Spotify’s holiday collection, as expected delivering a beautifully dreamy rendition! Acoustically paired down allowing for the mesmerising vocal and cosmic lyricism to be truly appreciated!

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Automation

Automation is the eery new single from Aussie psych-rock band King Gizzard. Right from the get-go the guitar riff feels a little uneasy but is extremely memorable and seems to power the song right through to the end. The monotonous repetition of Automation in the chorus acts as a release of tension built up in the verses. The single from their brand-new album K.G. sets the tone nicely.

Check back next week for some more of the best new songs.