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Thursday, 31st October
Broadcast, Glasgow
18+ Only
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For the first time in 34 years of presenting unique one-of-a-kind stage shows, Negativland performs radically new audio-visual versions of many Negativland fan-favorites that have never before been heard live. Negativland’s current performance project finds them teaming up with with electronic musician Wobbly, and “live cinema” video artist Steev Hise, to create a visually and sonically unique performance that reinvents favorite past and present dialog cut-ups, while showcasing Negativland’s homemade electronic noise-making devices that they call “Boopers.”

Boopers, in case you were wondering, are intentionally unstable homemade analog feedback boxes, first created in 1975 by David Wills, a founding member of Negativland.
By taking a simple clock radio amplifier and sending its output back into its input to create feedback, and then adding multiple transistors, capacitors, and resistors, along with various knobs and switches to unpredictably control and modulate the signal, the sound that emerges is wildly variable. This creates a dynamic where the Negativland member playing the Booper becomes a fellow collaborator with the device. Using as many as seven Boopers on stage at once (all based on Wills’ original design), Negativland further structures, manipulates, and augments these sounds with found voices, cut-up spoken word, ungainly pulsing rhythms, and live collaged visuals.

Please scroll down and read Negativland’s bio for more background on this unclassifi able and uniquely American experimental music and art group who were cutting up analog audio tape to “sample” long before the term existed.