Steamed Jams

yooooo, ridiculously excited for this next Steamed Jams party where we welcome the MELD collective down from Aberdeen to play all night long baby!

Being a collective, a party, a podcast and a label it’s tricky to know where to begin with this lot who boast such a vast and diverse level of experience

Mod-R – Resident for MELD, Flow and Bohemia. Also a sick producer with an upcoming EP for West End Communications

Et Al – Resident for MELD and Mirage. Upcoming release for Milkit as well as a host of tunes already available on Soundcloud

Alex R – Began the podcast and led the group in to beginning it’s Label era Also a seasoned producer with some ridic tracks in the works

Zema – fantastic selector and resident for MELD, fierce and Aphrodite with some serious DJ experience under her belt

Trusttttttttt, when we say you won’t want to miss this one. This lot have a no nonsense music policy that will be perfect when shelling the Broadcast basement

Free entry as always

lets get it xo