HMT Hard Cru

Details TBA

July 2018. The critics fall over themselves to anoint a consensus highlight of the year, a cultural saviour, a unifying presence to appease warring tribes either side of Hadrian’s Wall.

“The Daftest Party You’ll Ever Go To” – Resident Advisor

“Much needed prankster humour…for everyone whose life began in a Nissan Micra…Scooter shredded into utter shrapnel…full Proustian jolt” – Fact (Nightwave, Best Mix of September)

“At last, I have arrived at the true House of God” – Nicola Surgeon

The time has come to do it all over again. Saturday Sept 21st: the Soft Strong Bhoys return for more wall-climbers, window-lickers and eyebrow-raisers to make both Scott Brown (hardcore) and Scott Brown (football) scream in pleasure. Plus! A double dunt of pure local product completes the team sheet:

???? Broadcast bossman Worky will present the findings of his studious research, watching seasons 1-9 of Ibiza Weekender on ITV2

? Ribeka will dig deep into a life lived as a touring member of the popular new beat combo “Slipknot”

? HMT Hard Cru will play 2 fast, 2 furious and 3 careless

Do you remember the first time? Probably not tbh. It was organised at the peak of summer. Second leg, no excuses. Now Is The HMTime.