Lusts + Guests

ALT. WAVES presents…

+ guests
30 November
£7 / 16+ / 7pm

“Lusts is a project that hinges on the partnership of brothers Andrew and James Stone, two musicians with a singular viewpoint.

The band’s debut album matched post-punk techniques to chrome-plated production, a futuristic sheen with a gloomy, twilight sense of glamour.

With their second album incoming, Lusts have decided to break cover, revealing their new David Lynch inspired cut ‘lost highway’.

From the chugging bassline to the impassioned vocal ‘lost highway’ is a taut, visceral beast, one that leaves a real impact.

“‘lost highway’ is an idealized and romanticized vision,” Andrew tells us, “It’s about finding a place where no-one knows who you are, your past, or your future. It is partially inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s book ‘America’ and his observations as he travels across the country. The quote, ‘Driving is a spectacular form of amnesia. Everything is to be discovered, everything to be obliterated’ resonated with us and made us want to create this track. It’s about the everything and nothing-ness of escape.”

Tune in now. ”
Clash Magazine