Peter Cat // Mat Minucane // Donut Approach

an evening of music

an evening of moods

come huddle together

and share your canned foods

PETER CAT perform their oddball indie pop, fresh from Euro & UK tours this summer. Wonky guitars, analog drum machines, nü crööner vibes. Of whom The Morning Star recently wrote “[he] makes a gentle mockery of pop music’s idealistic sentimentalism” while remaining “absurdly catchy”, thus confirming his socialist credentials in perpetuity. FFO: Sparks, Pulp, Momus, pretending you know what you’re talking about when you really don’t.

“exemplifying what pop music should be; familiar terrain to welcome the listener, complete with provoking an impulse to dance!” – Radio Free Lightning Bug

“Sounding like XTC fronted by Jarvis Cocker (Or Neil Hannon?), Peter Cat is essential listening for anyone into British pop-rock magic” – Power of Pop

“With jaunty guitar hooks, energetic vocals and a keen sense of self-awareness, it’s a pulsating listen” – Spectral Nights

New single ‘Hand Through Hair’ —

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And welcoming Brighton-based singer/writer/horror freak MATT FINUCANE to Glasgow, bringing tempered yet tempestuous indie rock with a dark heartbeat cutting through it. Ringmaster Reviews write that he’s “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, while Louder Than War write that he “really should be heard by many many people”. This will sweep you up, along and away, don’t miss! FFO: Joy Division, The Chameleons.

New EP ‘Ugly Scene’ now streaming on Bandcamp —

“Intelligent, gripping, spooky music – it’s a way of life, not a lifestyle” – Subba Cultcha

“Music runs through the core of the mysterious and ground breaking singer/songwriter/poet, Matt Finucane” – The Source

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rounding out the lineup are homegrown newcomers DONUT APPROACH, who are so good I’m reluctant to give away too much, aside from the fact they have the best name in the biz. Here they are in their own words, as raw and unfiltered as a Silicon Valley CEO’s first glass of water in the morning:

“Donut Approach is trying really hard to make music people will like while simultaneously claiming that they don’t care what other people think. Which is it?! I just don’t know anymore. Sorry, I guess this thing wasn’t meant to be written in first person. FFO: Angela Carter, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, marmite.

‘This band is good’ – Someone’s best friend

‘This band stinks’ – Nintendo Power”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

£5 in, 7pm doors, lovely jubbly.