This July, HMT Hard Cru mans are back on ill-advised road again. Joining forces with our fave tartan clad rave heavyweights Nightwave, Cloudo and Greggery Peccary – storied soldiers on the frontline of stupidity, who have between them exported weapons-grade carnage as far as India, mid-2000s DMC battles, and transoceanic ferries.

Together we’re going all in for a night of daft daredevil delights. If the BPM-o-meter falls below 140 at any point, the venue will EXPLODE*

Come to Broadcast, dress to sweat (pls don’t sue us Jack) and expect hardcore, acid, footwork edits of Asia’s Heat of the Moment, good pop, bad pop, dad pop, and some sort of ham-fisted attempt to blend Mull of Kintyre with DJ Vibes.

It’s Peckham to Watford/ Watford to MK/ MK to Stokey/ Stokey-Preston/ Preston to Kendall/ Kendall to Carlisle/ Carlisle to Glasgow/ to a night – F I V E Q U I D

* Dramatisation: may not happen.